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Royal Spokesperson Denied the Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Rumours Published in US Magazine

Kate Middleton Pregnant..??
Kate Middleton’s pregnant! O Really? Those have been the rumors buzzing around the newest Royal, the Duchess of Cambridge having only married to Prince William for just short of 7 months. American magazine claimed it could 'confirm' Kate is 'around six weeks pregnant.'

US In Touch Magazine definitely appear to feel they've got a dig, a Buckingham Palace insider saying "Since before they even got married, it's been made clear to William and Kate that having children should be their number-one priority".

But yesterday a Buckingham Palace spokesman refused to be drawn on the rumors, simply saying: ‘We do not comment on speculation. If there would be something positive, the world will hear from us not from US. ’

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Wednesday, November 16: Baby Girl for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai
MUMBAI, India (Nov. 16) – India’s famous Bachchan family is having some wonderful time as they welcome the new member in the family. Beauty queen Aishwarya Rai, former miss world and wife of Abhishek Bachchan has delivered a baby girl today morning – Wednesday, November 16, 2011.

The well-known numerologist Bhavikk Sanghvi, who has predicted a baby girl for Abhi and Ash long before delivery, has given today the ideal letter to start the newborn baby’s name based on numerology. 

"The girl is born on 16 which makes her number 7 (Ketu) person that is ruled by number 2 (moon). Her sun-sign is Scorpio - number 9 (Mars). Her destiny number is 4 (Rahu) ", said Bhavikk disclosing all the numbers associated with the newborn.

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Watch Exclusive Video - 'Never Met the Woman': Justin Bieber in NBC's Show "Today"

NEW YORK (Nov. 04) – Justin Bieber, in a short appearance on NBC's "Today" show, has refuted the Mariah Yeater’s claim that he fathered her child as a result of backstage bathroom sex. “I have never met this woman who has filed paternity suit again me,” Bieber said further. 

'Never Met the Woman': Justin Bieber on Paternity Isuue
“To set the record straight, none of it is true,” 17-year-old singer declared firmly. 

"I know I'm going to be a target, but I'm never going to be a victim," Bieber told "Today" host Matt Lauer. "It's crazy, because every night after the show I've gone right from the stage right to my car. So it's crazy that some people want to make up such false allegations."

Mariah Yeater has already filed the paternity suit in San Diego Superior Court and she believes that the baby, she gave birth in July this year, is a result of brief sexual encounter with Bieber last year after one of his concerts at Staples Center, Los Angeles.

Yeater was then 19 while Bieber was only 16 that time, therefore, she might also be investigated for having sex with minor if her claim has some truth in it.

When the show’s anchor Lauer enquired if he knows Yeater, Bieber said decisively, "Never met the woman."

Watch the video of Justin Bieber in "Today" Show:

Who is Cheater ... Justin Bieber or Mariah Yeater? -- LAPD to Investigate Statutory Rape

LOS ANGELES – Mariah Yeater, who claims Justin Bieber fathered her baby, might be gone through investigations for having sex with a minor, LAPD sources told media.

Mariah Yeater Might be Investigated for Having Sex with Minor
Mariah Yeater is claiming that Justin Bieber had sex with her in a backstage bathroom after one of the singer's concerts at Staples Center. Yeater gave birth to a baby boy in July believes Bieber is the father because there were no other possible men she had sex with at that time.

For instance, if Yeater’s claim is considered as factual then she could be investigated for having sex with a minor because the singer was 16 at the time because she had just turned 19 at that time. 

While no offense has been reported, Los Angeles police Cmdr. Andrew Smith told The Associated Press on Thursday that the department could investigate after Mariah Yeater filed the paternity suit against Bieber in San Diego Superior Court.

"If it's brought to our attention, of course we'll look into it," Smith said.

Yeater is asking a judge for child support and a paternity test; while teen star has rejected her claims that he is the child's father. A hearing is scheduled for Dec. 15.

Having sex with someone under age 18 is illegal in California. If the other person is not more than three years older, it is a misdemeanor, which carries up to a one-year jail sentence.

Matthew Pare, the lawyer of Mariah Yeater told that sex with minor and child support were totally separate issues and even if his client, supposedly, found guilty of statutory rape that has no bearing on the duties to provide child support.

"Michael Jackson - The Life of An Icon" - London Premier (Photo Gallery)

LONDON – "Michael Jackson - The Life of An Icon"- released by Universal Pictures – is a documentary film to present a tribute to the ‘King of Pop’ after two years of his death in 2009. 

Tito Jackson Attended London Premier at Empire Cinema in Leicester Square
 The European premiere, which was held at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square on Wednesday, with two of Jackson's siblings, Rebbie and Tito, in attendance. The premier was attended by many celebrities of music, film and television, has been streamed live on the Web.

A host stars attended the premiere, including producer David, Alexandra Burke, Peabo Bryson, 'EastEnders' actress Patsy Palmer, 'Jimmy Mack' singer Martha Reeves and Jodie Marsh.

"Michael Jackson - The Life of An Icon", directed by Andrew David Gest Eastel, the film recounts the life of Michael Jackson through the memory of family members, colleagues and all those who have had the luck and the chance to know him, and aims to traces the personal and artistic life of the king of pop, from childhood until the last few years marked by allegations of pedophilia and the judicial process.

Tito Jackson says people will learn that Michael Jackson was a loving man who wanted to "to change the world" when they watch new documentary 'Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon'.

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Judge Stephanie Sautner Sentenced 30-day Jail to Lindsay Lohan for Violating Probation

LOS ANGELES – After admitting that she had violated her probation; Lindsay Lohan (aka LiLo) has been sentenced 30 days imprisonment by Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner on Wednesday (Nov. 02).

Lindsay Lohan Arriving in Court on Wednesday (Nov. 02)
Judge Stephanie Sautner imposed a complex sentence on LiLo, telling her that she will now have to carry out all of her community service at the county morgue otherwise will serve an additional 270 days in jail.

It will LiLo's fifth jail sentence since being arrested twice for drunken driving in 2007. The 25-year-old last served 35 days on house arrest on a four month jail sentence.

Court has also arranged a new probation officer for Lohan; who will report any violations immediately to the court. Furthermore, Lohan has to keep on her counseling sessions, according to orders by judge, and she must report back to court in December, January, February and March for updates.

If Lohan doesn’t obey the court orders, Sautner said she would send Lohan to jail straight away for the remaining 270 days of her sentence.

It will Lohan's fifth jail sentence since being arrested twice for drunken driving in 2007. The 25-year-old last served 35 days on house arrest on a four month jail sentence.

Italian-American Super Model Vanessa Hessler Lost Her Job for Defending Mutassim Gaddafi and His Family

LOS ANGELES – Have you ever imagine what might cost you if you favor any person who hasn’t a very good repute in world media? Might be nothing but it can cost huge for the celebrities and stars.

Vanessa Hessler Defended Mutassim Gaddafi and His Family in an Interview
An Italian-American model Vanessa Hessler; who has featured in ad campaigns of top brands like Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and L'Oreal, lost her biggest client Monday after she defended boyfriend Mutassim Gaddafi and the Gaddafi family in an interview with Italian media.

The 23-year-old Vanessa Hessler told Italian magazine Diva e Donna that she had shared a "very beautiful love story" of four years with Mutassim Gaddafi, 36, who was killed after being captured by NTC fighters outside Sirte on October 21.

Hessler said, “The Gaddafi family is not how they are being depicted, they are normal people.” She further told that they (Italy), France and UK wrongly supported the rebels to end Gaddafi’s 42-year regime. She is disgusted by what is happening in Libya, Hessler added further.

Telefonica Germany fired Hessler on Monday from a job that had made her popular straight away among television viewers across Germany, France and Italy. Telefonica ended the agreement with a tweet stating that said the model's romantic relationships with Gaddafi family were her "private business," but the company "cannot accept her comments on the Libya conflict."

On the other hand; Facebook page of the model has been invaded by the support messages from her fans congratulating Hessler on her "courage and honesty". One fan consoled her on her firing with a picture that reads: "Stand for what is right even if you stand alone."