Alec Baldwin Visited Base Camp of Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park, Manhattan

NEW YORK (Oct. 18) – Occupy Wall Street movement enters its fifth week with a warm solidarity message from across the globe. People fed up with social inequality and victims of corporate greed staged rallies in hundreds of cities throughout the world. 

Alec Baldwin Visited OWS Base Camp in New York
 The OWS movement is getting much attention with the keen interest shown by quite a few celebrities from Hollywood. Most recently Hollywood star Alec Baldwin visited the OWS base in Manhattan on Tuesday and extends his support for the movement saying "This type of activism = good!"

Baldwin decided to pay a visit to Zuccotti Park, which campaigners have used as their base, and was inspired by the "dedicated people" who shared their views with him.

Alec Baldwin Visited OWS Base Camp at Zuccotti Park, Manhattan
 After spending almost two hours with the OWS protesters Baldwin was so impressed by the motive behind the OWS movement that he tweeted: "I am thrilled 2 c the Occupy Wall Street activity bc protest is healthy! 2 misguided wars and most of us napped! This type of activism= good!

See the screen shot of the tweet in pics shared below:

Alec Baldwin Tweeted After Visiting OWS Base Camp

PHOTOS: Former WWE Wrestler Hot and Sexy Stacy Keibler Appeared with George Clooney at NYC Premier of The Descendants

NEW YORK – Meet new girl of Oscar-winning Hollywood star George Clooney. Stacy Keibler, an American actress, model, and former professional wrestler and valet, best known for her work with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler at NYC premier of The Descendants

At Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall the couple posed together for almost five minutes, where they were present at the NYC premier of Clooney's film The Descendants.

The 32-year-old Keibler was flashing in tight black dress flaunting her incredible body while 50-year-old Clooney was in his usual grey-colored suit.

The couple, who quietly began dating in late summer after Clooney's split from Elisabetta Canalis, were warm and in a seemingly wonderful mood.

See more photos of hot and sexy former WWE star Stacy Keibler:

Stacy Keibler; The New Girl of Oscar-winning George Clooney

Stacy Keibler: The New Girl of Oscar-winning George Clooney

Stacy Keibler: The New Girl of Oscar-winning George Clooney

Celebrity Phone-hacking Probe -- FBI Arrested Suspects in Hollywood Today

LOS ANGELES – In an important breakthrough during celebrity phone-hacking investigating FBI has reportedly made an arrest today in Hollywood. The all important break comes after many weeks when it was reported that cell-phone accounts of Scarlett Johansson and few other celebrities had been broken.

Scarlett Johansson: One of the victim of celebrity phone-hacking scandal 
A press conference is planned on Wednesday morning in which FBI is expected to release supplementary information in this case, code named as Operation Hackerazzi. Earlier, the names of the phone-hacking victims were not made public by FBI.

The investigation into charges of phone hacking of many Hollywood stars goes back a year and started well before news reports about Johansson and other celebrities having their data breached, according to law enforcement agencies.

In very recent past, there have been reports of young celebrities being offended by hackers who got access to the personal photos, including pictures of Johansson.

Amitabh Bachan Lends His Voice for Shahrukh Khan's Ra.One

MUMBAI, India (Oct. 8) – As the release of Bollywood’s superhero flick “Ra.One” is coming closer; it is managing to capture more attractions associated with it.

Amitabh Bachan Lends His Voice for Shahrukh Khan's Ra.One
According to a latest media report; the legendary Amitabh Bachan (aka Big B) has been engaged by Shahrukh Khan for a voiceover to introduce a game based on the Ra.One. The latest engagement by Bollywood’s megastar Big B followed Rajinikanth guest act in mega-budget movie featuring Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

Big B, famous for his distinctive vocal tone, arrived on Thursday morning to do a voiceover for the movie. He left Oscar-winning sound designer Resul Pookutty surprised by his skill and dexterity.

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PHOTO: Hope Solo Bare All for ESPN Magazine's The Body Issue

Who thinks Hope Solo is not sexy. At least I’m not the one who agrees on that a point which was raised none other than Hope Solo herself.

The Body Issue (ESPN) Features Hope Solo Nude
The 30-year-old soccer poses nude for ESPN magazine in its annual Body Issue. Talking to the magazine she told that she still didn’t buy the idea that she was a sex symbol.

Everybody knows Hope Solo as an international soccer star; but she is flying high in these days as a part of Dancing with the Stars. She is also a proud Olympics gold medallist. 

Will Shahrukh Khan Quit Smoking after Ra.One Releases, as Intended..??

MUMBAI, India – Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan's earlier efforts to quit smoking couldn’t materialize positively; but now King Khan again shows his intentions to say good bye to cigarettes and smoking after the release of his superhero flick 'Ra.One'.

Will Shahrukh Khan Quit Smoking after Ra.One  Releases..??
The new superhero of Hindi cinema talking to media during a promotional event of his movie said, "I want to give up smoking and will soon do it. Even my daughter keeps on asking me when I will quit it. I will give up the habit after 'Ra.One' releases."

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VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson's 'Mr. Know it All' -- Youtube Video Generated More Than 3.3 Million Views Within One Week

After providing a teaser of her new video last week, Kelly Clarkson released the full clip for “Mr. Know It All” over the last weekend.

VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson's 'Mr. Know it All'
In this video, the pop star sings in a room with wallpaper made of newspaper clippings, most of which feature ugly headlines about her. Next she sits down and watches a video of herself dancing on top of a bar. Then she does what no celeb should do if they want to maintain their sanity: she reads the comments section of a blog post about her.

Watch the video, which has already got more than 3.3 million views in less than one week. It's amazing ... watch it below: