Where is Poonam Pandey?? - - India has won, time to keep her promise!

MUMBAI - Come and keep you promise, Ms. Poonam Pandey. Everyone is demanding the same who knows what she has promised before the ICC Cricket World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka.

She made a buzz around the internet even bigger than the World Cup final when her statement came online expressing her intentions to get stripped down once India will win the World Cup final only for team India, subject to approval of BCCI.

Now India has won the big final to lift the title after 28 years, one shouldn’t wonder if the promise of Poonam Pandey would also had played a big role for MS Dhoni to step up for batting ahead of inform Yuvraj Singh.

According to sources near to her; complying with a court order, an FIR was registered against the Kingfisher model, on the charge of obscenity.  She preserved her case saying this would be her way of expressing support to Team India and that she wanted to go the 'extra mileage'. 

Reportedly, Poonam Pandey apparently vanished mysteriously on Saturday and even managed to switch off her cell phone.

I don’t know exactly whether Team India get benefited with her promise or not but she definitely helped herself to run several miles of international fame without actually going 'single extra step'.

Yesterday newspaper was full of the offer extended by PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to her for getting skinned for Animals rather than Team India.


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