Eleanor Mondale, Daughter of Former Vice President Walter Mondale, Dies of Brain Cancer at 51

MINNEAPOLIS - Popular figure of entertainment world, Eleanor Mondale, died Saturday at the age of 51 at her home, said family spokesperson Lynda Pedersen.

Eleanor Mondale Dies of Brain Cancer at 51
Eleanor Mondale, the energetic daughter of former Vice President Walter Mondale who impressed masses by her own talent as an entertainment reporter, radio show host and gossip personality, was reportedly suffering from brain cancer since few years.

She had been off the air at WCCO-AM in Minneapolis since March 19, 2009, after revealing that her brain cancer had come back a second time.

Mondale had gone through brain surgery to remove the tumour on August 2009 at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Later on it was declared on her website Caring Bridge that the surgery was successful.

Mondale started as an aspiring actress, with bit parts in TV's "Three's Company" and "Dynasty." She got her start in broadcasting as an entertainment reporter at WCCO-TV in Minneapolis in 1989, but left after only eight months when a Twin Cities magazine was about to publish an article called, "Walter and Joan's Wild Child." The Star Tribune reported that Mondale denied she was forced out.

In the article in Mpls.St. Paul magazine, Mondale was quoted as saying "I like to get wild. But it's not murder, and I don't do drugs."

After stints at Minneapolis radio station WLOL-FM, on cable television at E! Entertainment and ESPN and network TV on CBS' "This Morning," she returned to Minnesota in 2006 to co-host a weekday morning show on WCCO-AM with Susie Jones.


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