Celebrity Phone-hacking Probe -- FBI Arrested Suspects in Hollywood Today

LOS ANGELES – In an important breakthrough during celebrity phone-hacking investigating FBI has reportedly made an arrest today in Hollywood. The all important break comes after many weeks when it was reported that cell-phone accounts of Scarlett Johansson and few other celebrities had been broken.

Scarlett Johansson: One of the victim of celebrity phone-hacking scandal 
A press conference is planned on Wednesday morning in which FBI is expected to release supplementary information in this case, code named as Operation Hackerazzi. Earlier, the names of the phone-hacking victims were not made public by FBI.

The investigation into charges of phone hacking of many Hollywood stars goes back a year and started well before news reports about Johansson and other celebrities having their data breached, according to law enforcement agencies.

In very recent past, there have been reports of young celebrities being offended by hackers who got access to the personal photos, including pictures of Johansson.


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