Alec Baldwin Visited Base Camp of Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park, Manhattan

NEW YORK (Oct. 18) – Occupy Wall Street movement enters its fifth week with a warm solidarity message from across the globe. People fed up with social inequality and victims of corporate greed staged rallies in hundreds of cities throughout the world. 

Alec Baldwin Visited OWS Base Camp in New York
 The OWS movement is getting much attention with the keen interest shown by quite a few celebrities from Hollywood. Most recently Hollywood star Alec Baldwin visited the OWS base in Manhattan on Tuesday and extends his support for the movement saying "This type of activism = good!"

Baldwin decided to pay a visit to Zuccotti Park, which campaigners have used as their base, and was inspired by the "dedicated people" who shared their views with him.

Alec Baldwin Visited OWS Base Camp at Zuccotti Park, Manhattan
 After spending almost two hours with the OWS protesters Baldwin was so impressed by the motive behind the OWS movement that he tweeted: "I am thrilled 2 c the Occupy Wall Street activity bc protest is healthy! 2 misguided wars and most of us napped! This type of activism= good!

See the screen shot of the tweet in pics shared below:

Alec Baldwin Tweeted After Visiting OWS Base Camp


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