Barbara Gray: The Mysterious Woman Seen Kissing Elvis Presley in Iconic 1956 Photograph

NEW YORK Decades after a photographer snapped an iconic 1956 photograph of Elvis Presley kissing a mystery blonde a backstage theater stairwell, the woman's identity is finally being revealed.

Barbara Gray: The Mysterious Woman Seen Kissing in Iconic 1956 Photograph

Barbara Gray, now 75 and living in Charleston, S.C., told Vanity Fair magazine that she didn't reveal her identity for the money or fame.

"I just wanted to get my name on the damn picture," she said.

Barbara, known back then as Bobbi, is a self-proclaimed wild child, and says she was dared to call Elvis when he was staying at The Francis Marion Hotel in town. "We were all at the Carriage House nightclub and they said you need to call Elvis Presley, he is a new singer. And I said who is that?"

Gray admitted that she become fed up with being known only as the "unknown woman in the wings" with a young Elvis in a stairwell at the Mosque Theater in Richmond, Virginia.

Photographer Alfred Wertheimer said he never asked for the woman's name when he took the photograph and she never told it to him.


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