Justin Bieber Facts

He loves the soft-and long kisses
Justin would like to understand women better
Justin would like to learn German to communicate with his German fans
His zodiac sign, the fish-
-The best friend of Justin - Ryan. They are familiar with 7 years
Justin is worried when the girl he likes
Once on the street, one girl told him: "God, how do you like Justin Bieber"
Justin enjoys spending time with his mom
7 July - the day Justin Bieber
Justin says that he will earn $ million, will buy his mom a house
Justin-like girls with long hair
Favorite time of the day, Justin - Night
Justin likes to do, so that the fans feel like princesses
Justin believes that his hair is better than Zac Efron
-Caitlin still loves him, but Justin wants to be friends
Justin suffers from migraines, when he had a lot of stress or work
-On the set of Eenie Meenie he started the food fight
His 64-pair shoe
-Whenever he walks into the store he presented with a bunch of free clothes
Justin does not like it when girls go crazy on it
One day, while standing at the mirror, he said: "Who is the hottest guy?" Change voice "Justin Bieber"
Justin will be meeting with a girl of 13 to 16 years
Favorite flavor of ice cream vanilla
Justin signed his first autograph 3 years ago! It was surreal''to me '
Justin speaks of himself as a beast
Justin loves every fan
Justin did not like it when girls are portrayed, saying: "I am ugly," because he thinks girls should feel beautiful
Justin is the weakest point, when the girl says, "Please"
Justin: "Every girl has a chance, even if I do not know her, but that could change it could be any girl in the world"
Justin enjoys spending time with his mom, Patti!
The boys all over the world copied her hair Justin
Justin shave once a week
Justin gave Range Rover costs $ 200,000
Justin likes it when girls can dance
Justin also likes to eat pizza and Fettuccine Alfredo!
when he gets bored he starts talking foreign voices
Justin loves the rain. He loved to play in the rain, when he was young
Justin likes it when his fans, asking him hugs
1: Justin once told the girl: "you're sexy" and she nearly fainted
2: He will give his girlfriend all the love she deserves and more.
3: Justin once said: "If I go to the movies with a girl, I'm probably going to hold her hand             and hug her."
4) Justin prefers to lead the girl to svedanie for dinner, but not in the movie because the movie they could not speak.
5) Justin loves the British accent.
6) Justin smiles when he reads his fan mail.
7) Justin wants to have a summer romance.
8) Justin loves shopping in the "sexy shoe store"
9) Justin says in a dream.
10) Dzhatsinu like to play with girls hair ♥
11) Justin has 64 pairs of kedov.
12) Justin says that he will not kiss Jasmine W. again.
13) Justin can not say the word 'brilliant'
14) Justin once saw a girl in a T-shirt I ♥ Bieber and he got out to hug her.
15) Justin said that the security of my aficionados for me at one point.
16) He likes to grab his girlfriend and dragged to her to kiss him.
17) Justin puts all his clothes in a suitcase, he just knocks her back.
18) He likes it duvushki less growth and less so she weighed it so he could pick her up.
19) He called his toothbrush bean.
20), whenever he goes to McDonald's, he buys a Big Mac, and iced tea.
21) He believes that the girl should not be too thin.
22) Justin likes to hug people.
23), he stole more than 3 million girls' hearts.
24) he does not like to talk about money in itervyu
Justin-Old Virgin, he said that it only will when getting married.
Its a bad habit - eating lots of sweets.
Justin thinks that when she bites her lips is sexy
He says that his father's eyes and nose, and lips Mama
When Justin saw the hot groupies, then look into their eyes!
The first site visit to Justin after sleep - twitter (well, one would doubt)
Justin looks at himself in the mirror and says, "Why do all girls say that I'm sexy"
He is always looking for girls in the eye
Justin is a T-shirt with natpisyu "I like girls."
Miley Cyrus thinks that Justin beautiful smile!


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