Design and Specifications of iPhone 5

Market experts are increasingly argue that the yield of the new iPhone will be no fifth version in September and in October. And so to October will go to the numerous rumors about the design and specifications for the iPhone 5

And recently the World Wide Web was photographed allegedly new "iPhone 5", which had allegedly shoot at the French office of the local operator. As photos are not very many can be seen, but clearly shows that the body in five very thin, and that the outer chamber with a speaker phone much recessed into the case. 
I can not see where it got to the slot for the SIM-card, but barely noticeable seam bottom of the cabinet can be seen that the model supports GSM
Alas, all these pictures and descriptions may well be just a hoax, an unclean way to break a fast score. Because so unlikely to be employees of French mobile operator could just leave on the table for everyone to see a "fifth" model of the famous smartphone ....


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