Pippa Middleton - a new fashion icon

Pippa Middleton, turning it into an icon of British fashion.Not only her older sister, the Duchess Catherine picks up the sale of any fashion brand, Pippa Middleton after royal wedding and continues to attract interest in his style.

Pippa Middleton become a fashion icon, and any outfit swept off the shelves. The usual morning walk for was immediately photographed by paparazzi, and a dress that put Pippa Middleton, has been exposed to the sight of yellow press. The new outfit was cute from the network "Zara", worth £ 36. Cheap dress was complemented by a luxurious bag for £ 300.

Not only in Britain are interested in a new celebrity, but also in America. Lady Gaga herself expressed compliment the style of Pippa Middleton, and the popular American TV series "Chorus" will devote its integral part.


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