A collection of jewelry from Damiani

Jewelry brand Damiani today seeks to combine its nearly century-long experience with the fashion of our time. This concept has been presented collections created with brands such as Jil Sander, Gianfranco Ferre, Ferrari, Ducati and MaseratiThis time, Damiani worked with world-renowned British designer of Spanish origin.

John Galliano was able to embody his own unique style in the collection of expensive jewelry. The result of collaboration - bizarre, eclectic and bold luxury, created at the junction of modernity and the era of Art Deco.

Contemplation of each subject collections like solving a puzzle. Playful combination of bright colors and different shapes may seem chaotic and inconsistent. However, only one gaze, to understand - this bold erratically and have rhythm. This is so in the spirit of John Galliano. He has a real talent to create bright and harmonious manner, connecting seemingly unconnected.His works can always be found on the abundance of colors, vintage and Energy "boudoir" tone sounds.

Damiani was able to capture the charm of eclectic style of Galliano. Jewelers boldly mixed the different shades of gold, black and white diamonds, pearls Japanese, beryl, tourmaline, red, rhodochrosite, blue topaz, onyx and smoky quartz.


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