iPhone 5, Aluminum Case

Apple, obviously, will refuse a glass rear inherent iPhone 4 in favor of an aluminum housing that will remind us of the design of the first iPhone, making his debut almost four years ago.
iPhone 5, Aluminum Case
According to the Taiwanese edition of "Economic Daily News", for the iPhone 5 Apple is preparing a design that remarkably similar to the iPod touchRejecting rumors aside, it is logical to assume that Apple would prefer glass to aluminum to reduce weight and improve the device resistance to external damage. In recent weeks, numerous sources informed that Apple pays attention to surfaces and coatings, scratch-resistant. Obviously, iPhone 5 will be the strongest in the smartphone lineup of five generations of devices.
Despite the fact that for some reason, Taiwan is clearly a source of inflating hype around an aluminum housing, it also publishes another word that represents a far greater interest to most users and fans of the iPhoneAccording to "Economic Daily News" iPhone 5, as the iPad tablet 2, will be equipped with an A5, which will provide a completely new device speed characteristics.
And more .. iDealsChina again fueling the rumors. They report that the iPhone 5 will support five dual SIM card. Most likely, iPhone 5 really has two slots that support and GSM, and CDMA format.


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