Mila Kunis Makeup Trends

Mila Kunis Nature has given a beautiful appearance, but like every girl, the actress has its own beauty secrets. But the most important place, perhaps, is competently executed makeup. It's about the makeup of Mila Kunis in the style of today and we will tell.
With the help of make-up star of the "Black Swan" creates an image of a seductive beauty that breaks millions of hearts.
Before talking about the eye make-up, first let's talk about skin. In Mila's quite dark skin, so it is always tonal basis chosen a dark shade. To hide signs of tiredness or problem areas of the face, use concealer Mila Kunis, without which it does not do nearly every actress. Mila Kunis does it on the dark patches around the eyes and on problem areas. The actress does not use powder, which prefers to replace the bronzer.

The important role played by Mila Kunis makeup eyebrows, which she never forgets to emphasize. Mila Kunis plucked eyebrows never in the form of threads, but only emphasized their shape. Her eyebrows neat and at the same time broad enough. With the help of a special gel for eyebrows actress leads them in order, and then emphasizes the pencil the same shade as her hair.
So, we pass to the eyes. First ever applied to a base for make-up, which can be used instead of the usual cream for eyelids. Milo likes makeup in chocolate and brown tones. And making the right choice, because the green-eyed girls a color scheme fits most.

  • Apply for an eyebrow beige shade.

  • At the lower eyelids and rolling hesitate to light brown color.

  • On the outer corner of eye, fold and slightly above the rolling centuries put chocolate color shades.

  • Blend all the boundaries of the special brush.

  • After the actress paid a shadow, she brings the lower lid with black, green or brown eyeliner. Mila Kunis often draws an arrow with a black liquid eyeliner.
    Kunis also stained their eyelashes mascara in two coats to get the effect of false eyelashes, but if nature had not endowed with long lush lashes you, use their artificial version.
    Finally, apply to apples of cheeks, peach blush, lip gloss on a pale pink color, which gives them volume.


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