An unusual clutch

Brand Alexander McQueen has always been distinguished originality. And now designers Fashion House did not disappoint the fans by releasing a stylish accessory - a black satin clutch, emphasizing the Eastern elegance, luxury and exoticism of the east, using samurai theme. Oriental Samurai Skull has a classic shape, but an unusual and original print buckle puts it among the most sophisticated accessories. This buckle, made of a gold skull with a samurai helmet will not help to engage the attention. It is worth remembering that the British brand has long made a skull of his business card and accessories and clothing with this element occupy a significant place in the products of Alexander McQueen.
All good "samurai" clutch, but tough luck - because of the fact that there are no long handle most of the time it will have to carry in his hand, and many simply can not see an elegant flowery patterns.

This accessory is available for sale, as in boutiques and online. The cost of clutch a little more than two thousand dollars.


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