Rachel Bilson about her love for clothes and food

Rachel Bilson says she became interested in fashion since childhood. Actress movie "Jumper "at the age of two years, beginning to dress well and have not yet gone this route. She also is a big fan of eating, despite the pressure of Hollywood.

 From an interview for the magazine In Style: "I'm just delighted with the clothes. I began to dress herself at the age of two years. Yes, my mom wanted me to dress herself and wear, but I'm not allowed. She thought that now she has a little girl that she can dress as their favorite doll, but no such luck. "

Despite the love for the fashion industry, Hollywood brunette very disappointed because of the pressures exerted on young girls. The actress said: "You know what I hate most? Amount of attention is paid to your weight and body. These endless claims and accusations. 'And what do you eat? Do you follow me? A normal girl should always take care of yourself '. "

"A lot of actresses do yourself operation, and still can not afford to eat normally.Personally, I like to eat, I love food. I want to eat when I want. If you do not feel attractive, and you can then work on it. But you have to do it for themselves. "


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