Axway is the Business Interaction Networks company Tutorial

Axway is the Business Interaction Networks company Tutorial. We are the ONLY provider in the marketplace today to manage, run, secure, and monitor all your business interactions – emails, files, messages, services, events, and  processes. Spanning all industries, over 11,000 organization in more than 100 countries depend on Ax way’s proven breadth of services and layers of governance to build and improve value chain efficiency, regulatory compliance and quality of service.

Axway is the Business Interaction Networks company Tutorial Axway enables enterprises to adapt and respond to rapidly varying market conditions, including mushrooming regulatory compliance, globalization, industry standards & protocols and service level agreements. Our breadth of technology paired with our depth of domination capabilities speeds and secures business interactions, both within and outside the enterprise, by optimizing the way information is moved, managed and  protected. Powered by Axway Synchrony™ — a multi-enterprise service-oriented framework — Axway enables customers to integrate and complement their existing infrastructures using a “start anywhere, use anything” service model.

Axway is the Business Interaction Networks company Tutorial Axway's wide-ranging offerings include business-to-business (B2B) integration, managed file transfer, email and identity security, enterprise application integration, business process management and track & trace solutions. Additionally, Axway has deep expertise and a proven track record serving a number of industries, including Financial Services, Automotive, mechanized, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Technology, Transportation & Logistics, Government & Public Sector and more.
Our products and solutions can be deployed and managed through a variety of delivery channels, including software, on-premise appliances, SaaS, Hosted, and VMWare. And Axway provides exceptional professional services and managed services that enable enterprises to rapidly assess, deploy, and configure solutions that meet business and legacy infrastructure requirements.
The Axway Advantage

Axway is the Business Interaction Networks company Tutorial Today’s challenging market conditions, coupled with increased government and industry regulatory trends, make it more critical than ever for businesses to hone their competitive edge. So there has never been a greater need for the kind of robust visibility, community integration, and policy that enable enterprises to create and extend strong, dynamic and reliable Business Interaction Networks. Axway's software and services are the catalyst for moving to this new level of flexible Business Interaction Networks.
Featuring an open platform, adaptive industry components and specialized services, Axway solutions span all industries and enable organizations to view and manage physical, informational and financial variables in real time, integrating powerful technologies such as EAI, B2B, BPM and SOA.
Axway’s breadth of services and layers of governance enable business and IT leaders to seize and capitalize on change as it happens, through:
A highly flexible solutions framework that rapidly integrates and connects cross-business applications, processes and industry services within and outside the enterprise, effectively extending an organization’s existing infrastructure.
A set of pre-built solutions for the healthcare, life sciences, automotive, retail, manufacturing, government, and financial services markets – industries with highly collaborative business models and stringent industry and regulatory compliance requirements.


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