Avril Lavinge

Canadian singer Avril Lavinge Wimbli was born in Napanee, Ontario, in 1984, on September 27.The desire for musical instruments and music came from Avril's since childhood. career as a singer Avril Lavigne took place thanks to the love of country style. Before writing his best first album "Let Go" Los Angeles, which has gained immense popularity, she could sing with Steve Honey.Songs from the first album to the highest position and ranking in many countries.

Avril Lavigne has found not only a world renown, and won several titles, one of them "for best opening" on the Video Music Awards MTVIn 2004 and in 2007, Avril recorded and released two more albums, one of which was "Under My Skin".Wimble takes the title of best rock / pop singer of the world in 2004. The title of best in the music industry takes it one by one. 

It is involved not only in articulating the cartoon "Over the Hedge", but also acts in Turin in 2006 at the close of the Olympic Games. That same year, she not only enters into a contract with the agency "Ford Model", but also marries Derek Whibley.

Marriage and divorce with her ​​future husband Derrick Whibley Lavigne was first introduced when she was 17 years old, and two years later they began dating. Derrick - lead singer of Sum 41's - very romantic, caring for the girl and the summer of 2005 made ​​her a marriage proposal during a joint trip to Venice. Admirers and fans of Lavigne's hoping that the wedding will take place at the top "rock-n-rolskih" traditions. From her black dress and waited for a terrible haircut. But Lavin at this time failed to meet expectations of their fans. Took quite a traditional elegant wedding with a white dress by famous designer Vera Wang, a bouquet and other amenities that are an integral part of such memorable events as the wedding. The celebration took place July 15, 2006 in a private estate Montechito, California. Guests of the newlyweds were about 110 people. Lavin walked down the aisle accompanied by her father, a wedding march by Mendelssohn. Talking to the press, the singer said that since childhood dream was about a wedding, and although she was sorry to disappoint her fans, she still decided to pay tribute to tradition. Marriage between Derrick Whibley and Lavigne lasted just over three years.In autumn 2009, the couple announced plans to divorce, and the fall of 2010 divorce proceedings had been completed. Lavigne said that they would remain friends, and before that she made ​​statements about the inadmissibility of using drugs and that she would be unable to meet the person receiving them. It is likely to assume that this could cause a rupture with Derrick, though officially this nobody claimed.


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