J.J.P. Oud’s Mathenesse Housing Estate in 1924, Rotterdam

Today it’s 30 °C (86 F)


30 °C (86 F)

Thunder + Rain:



netherlands dans theater

choreography by lightfoot leon

My name is Edwin Giltay. I live in Holland. I support Bradley because our governments should be transparent. We, the people, should know what’s going on deep inside our governments, our armies and their secret services. We should rule this world!

My passport is empty and I’d like to change that. I wouldn’t mind seeing Cali/USA, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany and Iceland in it.

Dinner a Scheveningen at 8:30pm. The sun doesn’t set here until after 10pm, perfect for an evening walk on the beach.

Downside: today it was in the 80s, now at 11:15pm its still in the 80s and the humidity level is 75%. 

30 Day challenge

Day 19 - A list of all the places you have lived at

Orense, Spain

Vigo, Spain

Naarden, the Netherlands

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Delft, the Netherlands

Berlin, Germany

J.J.P. Oud’s Mathenesse Housing Estate in 1924, Rotterdam


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