2 days…

I bought this for 6 euros in the Netherlands today, I doubt it’s going to be useful, because you can pretty much only move the legs back and forward, but it was so cute and it looks great next to my puppet and hand model. :)

I also bought a box full of cotton candy and something I can’t find the name off….

Wings of Wax

netherlands dans theater

choreography by jiri kylian

Amsterdam houses

(by Matilde B.)

Few worries

dope d.o.d. - redrum


Woop woop Netherlands yay :3

If you’ve never had a stroopwafel, you haven’t lived. We recently demonstrated the calming magic of Dutch “rush hour”, but since I was only in AMS for a short layover on the way to Cairo, these tasty treats would have to suffice.

They were originally made using leftovers, like breadcrumbs, from a bakery in Gouda. Today there are websites for fans coping with their addiction, as well as videos by devotees showing how to properly eat them.

If you find yourself in the Netherlands, do yourself a favor and try a fresh stroopwafel for us. The hipmunk shan’t lead you astray.


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