Dabanng Salman Khan Ready to Get Rs 10 Crore for ' No Entry' Sequel

Dabanng Salman Khan Ready to Get Rs 10 Crore for ' No Entry' Sequel

Salman Khan is on an all time high post Dabangg and Ready. And the crest is only growing taller.

If the buzz in the trade is to be believed, the actor might have just created a new record as far as the signing amount for a film goes.

After much speculation and controversies, Khan has signed the sequel to Anees Bazmee's No Entry, titled No Entry Mein Entry, with Boney Kapoor for a whopping amount of Rs 8 - 10 crore.

No Entry Mein Entry, the sequel to the Bazmee's 2005 hit No Entry, had its fair share of controversies from the very inception.

In fact, the controversies started even before the idea was born. Boney Kapoor, the producer was initially extremely angry with Bazmee for giving away what was supposed to be the script for the sequel to Sajid Nadiadwala. That turned out to be extra dismal Thank You.

Boney obviously made peace with Bazmee post that. After all, how could he be angry with Bazmee for giving away a script that eventually turned out to be a box office dud. The second phase of controversies began when Bazmee and Salman got together for Ready.

The actor had allegedly had a fight with his director Bazmee on the sets in Bangkok. An angry Bazmee even left the shoot and returned home. This continued throughout the making of Ready with Bazmee being more or less sidelined by the powerful presence of Salman.

Ready being a box office success, helped smoothen relationships between Salman and Anees. Friends once again, Bazmee, almost instantly expressed his desire to work with the actor. With the kind of money Salman generates these days at the BO, this did not come as a surprise.

Also, all was not well between good friends Boney Kapoor and Salman Khan over the past few months. Due to certain family issues, the two had drifted apart. However, with No Entry Mein Entry, the actor and the filmmaker are looking forward to cement their relationship.

Boney Kapoor did not want to let go of Salman. To secure his presence in the film No Entry Mein Entry, Kapoor pulled out all stops. According to the trade, he paid Salman a mind-boggling amount of Rs 8-10 crore just for signing the dotted line.

A source revealed, "Boney did not want to let go of Salman. After Dabangg and Ready, Salman has become the most bankable star in Bollywood. He paid whatever was asked from him."

Boney Kapoor being a good friend of Salman's did exercise the goodwill to keep the Khan from getting away from his project. However, Salman too has wisened up to the ways of Bollywood now.

After the success of Dabangg, it was his sister Alvira Khan and his manager Reshma Shetty, who made him realise that money was as important than 'dosti' and goodwill. And thus, Boney had to cough up some real big money along with his 'friendship' to lure Khan.

Another source said, "I think that Rs 10 crore is less. Aaj kal toh, he takes much more than that."

While Boney who is in Las Vegas with his wife Sridevi, remained unavailable for comments, director Anees Bazmee told Mumbai Mirror, "I don't knwo the exact amount that Salman Khan has received for No Entry Mein Entry. I am busy working on the script. But yes, Salman deserves whatever he gets." Salman and his manager Reshma Shetty remained unavailable for comments.


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