Karen Gillan: Amy Pond of 'Doctor Who' Found Naked in the Corridor of 'The Ace' Hotel, Manhattan

Karen Gillan: Amy Pond of Doctor Who
Karen Gillan, the Amy Pond of ‘Doctor Who’ was spotted undressed in corridor of a New York hotel after a violent long party.

According to reports by Daily Mail; the 23-year-old Karen Gillan was spotted absolute nude by other hotel guests at 7:00 am before security arrived, wrapped her in a sheet and left her to her room.

According to details; Gillan and other co-stars of Doctor Who, including Matt Smith, were on a promotional trip and residing in ‘The Ace’ one of the most posh hotels of Manhattan. All the stars and crew had a great long party after their promotional assignments.

Early in the morning she was found moaning in the corridor of the hotel without any clothes. Many of the hotel guests have seen her in this position before the security and hotel administration arranged her to be shifted in her room covering with towels and sheet.     


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