Cassie Serbo

Cassandra Lynn Serbo was born March 30, 1990 on Long Island, New York.Rising actress-157cm,and a personal motto-"Nothing is impossible".She grew up in a friendly and strong Italian family that has a whole set of traditions, and do not lose connection with their parents, even while living and working on another coast.

Cassie was a member of girl band 'Slumber Party Girls' or 'SPG'. At the audition attended by thousands of contestants, of which only 5 girls chosen - and Cassie was one of them. Their debut album, 'Dance Revolution', was released October 3, 2006, but failed to chart.September 16, 2006, the band every weekend appeared on CBS television in the show 'KOL Secret Slumber Party', however long the show is not stretched. During the 2006-2007 television season with music of their debut album was used in the show 'Dance Revolution', but the band proved to be enviable and disbanded shortly after the first album.

In 2007, Serbia signed a contract to record a solo album with 'Geffen Records' and began to record material for their debut album, which is expected in 2010, but so long and did not come out - it looks like a tight shooting schedule robs young actress all forces. In 2008, there were three on the iTunes digital single, 'Betcha Don't Know', 'Sugar and Spice' and 'Top Of The World', and it's all for now.

Debut of 15-year old Serb on the screen was a small role in the comedy 'Hitters Anonymous'. In 2007 it was reported that Cassie will play a role named Brooke in the 'Bring It On: All for victory', the fourth part of the epic "Bring It On '. To date, from the past five parts, a common theme - the support team competition, but each time with new actors. 'Bring It On: All for victory' came straight to DVD December 12, 2007 and received mixed reviews.That same year, Cassie has appeared in another DVD-release 'Natural Born comedians', and played a major role in the pilot episode of 'Arwin!', Which, however, found no buyers and was not removed. In 2008, Cassie, from 6 to 13 years of playing in women's soccer, co-starred as Tiffany in adolescent sports film 'Soccer Mom', also released directly to DVD.
In 2009, she landed the role of Lauren Tanner in the series channel ABC Family 'Gymnast' which premièred on June 22, 2009. Pilot series looked at 2.1 million viewers, which is very much for ABC Family.Went for 30 episodes and the show renewed for a third season, which will appear in 2011. In 2010, the Serb as a guest star appeared in the television series 'CSI: Miami', '10 Things I Hate" and the animated series 'Sim-Bionics Titan'.Currently preparing to leave four feature films with the actress.
Cassie - a rare romp. She loves motor racing, for the first time jumped from 'bungee' in 10 years, engaged in not only football, but taekwondo. Her favorite movie - a series of Rocky with Sylvester Stallone.


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