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The canals of Amsterdam.

This bitch can Dream again, ain’t no brows gonna get my man!

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I don’t really have much to report on Amsterdam — since I’ve been here once before, I stupidly slacked off on the picture-taking front during this visit!

Amsterdam’s notorious red-light district is packed with tacky “coffee shops” (these are where one goes to buy marijuana), sex shops, and fast-food joints; this area certainly lives up to its seedy reputation, and walking around here definitely gets old pretty quickly. The prostitutes, referred to simply as “girls” by jaded shopkeepers, beckon would-be customers from giant windows that have red fluorescent light bulbs running over the top of them (there’s a strict “no picture” policy here, which is understandable). Each prostitute has her own window, and some act really bored, either staring off into the distance or chatting on a cell phone. It’s weird and kinda creepy to think of people as being products on display…

Anyway, given the abundance of canals in this city, which is a bit prettier than I remembered, B and I decided to stay in a hostel boat (ahem, coincidentally the cheapest option). Our room was SO TINY that our bags took up all of the floor space; the bunk bed was so cramped that the top bunk was only about 6 inches from my face (I always claim the bottom bunk)! I felt a little claustrophobic, but it was a pretty fun experience. Here’s our hostel boat, The Avanti:

Highlight of our stay: I was delighted to discover fast-food automats, machines that dispense delicious foods like fried sausages and cheeseburgers for €1-2,5 each! Yesss.

Faculty Club de la Universided de Tilburg

Architects: Shift Architecture Urbanism

Locarion: Tilburg, Netherlands

Horses in the snow #2 (by ReinierTreur)

“The Law of Burning” Centurian 

Winter in the Netherlands is cold (by Johan van Beilen)

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What kind of weird shit is this


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