Bicycle sculpture in the Netherlands.

Why does she have to go. I had only had friends with her this year, and now she’s moving at the end of the year. The Netherlands are so far away, I can’t even visit her. You can’t even speak Dutch.

I hope she throws like a fair well party or something. There’s a new D.C. Shop in ION, so I’m hoping to get her something. Batman. Things happen so quickly…we were starting to build a relationship and now she’s going… Sigh. I really hope she moves back after the 4 years. I need to cherish the time left.

Simun, I know it’s a wish come true for you but is ain’t for your friends. But as a friend, I gotta be happy for you.

I feel like crying but tears can’t come out.

Honestly, I could only trust you. Thank you for being my good friend(:


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