Utrecht, Netherlands 

Got held up at Schiphol passport check again. Since I now have 2 stamps on my passport, which meant I had 2 entries, my visa was now considered invalid. Apparently my visa states that I’m only allowed 1 entry to the Schen areas. SO WHY DID THOSE 2 OFFICERS STAMP MY PASSPORT YESTERDAY??? Anyway, the officer had me explaining my whole ridiculous story about the luggage. I didn’t know if he thought I was an idiot, a fraud or a vigilante but one thing was for sure…

…My oriental charms do not work on Dutch men it seems. Anyway, he handed me over to his superior and the lady was forgiving enough of my naivety and cancelled the 2nd stamp. It was smooth sailing from there.

Oh! I asked the superior how to say thank you in Dutch too. She laughed when I kept saying DONK-ER. I think I was supposed to say DONK-OOH but hey, I tried.

Now I’m just Ruzyne Airport at Praha, Czech Republic waiting for my friend who also just SMS-ed me that SHE WAS STILL STUCK IN BANGKOK. We were supposed to ride the train together to Karvina once she’s arrived. I’m still thinking if I should find a hotel and and wait for her to arrive tomorrow or take a train to Karvina myself. But that spells out B-L-U-N-D-E-R ON DAY 2…

I’ve not been taking photos since nothing has tickled my fancy yet However, I did see a bunch of Czech people with their luggages and trolleys wrapped in plastic/cling wrap. And I mean 90% if not 100% of their luggage wrapped! I wonder if it’s a cultural habit. You don’t see this over in Manila or any of the other Asian countries I’ve been to either. Hmm. Must ask about the logic behind this soon.

I feel a lot more relaxed here compared to Amsterdam. Maybe because the officers weren’t harassing me with questions. I don’t know. Prague just seems to have a very down to earth and laid back character to its city and people. I spoke with an old lady and a 25 year old who was doing a survey. I think I like Czech people a lot. Well, maybe I’m wrong. It’s just a first impression anyway.

Ronald Koeman and Dennis Bergkamp, Netherlands v England, World Cup Qualifier, 13 October 1993

Charlie Brown - Coldplay

in the Netherlands 

don’t care that I just posted it =p

…Was Here on Flickr.

Unedited shot of the Westerkerk in Amsterdam, reflected in a puddle. Taken with my Sony HX1. No editing, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)


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