Spring weather (by Angelo G. Noziglia)

Arts The Beatdoctor (Feat. The Proov) - “Transitions”

Big ups to Audioholics Anonymous, because this one has been on repeat all damn day!

Arts The Beatdoctor (that’s quite the name by the way) is a producer from the Netherlands who got his start providing backdrops for rappers, but then decided to go solo, creating jazz-inspired tunes with nice drum beats and smart samples. In 2007 he released his debut, Transitions, which features a mix of smooth instrumentals and collaborations with Dutch rappers such as Pete Philly. I’ve been listening to a few pieces from Transitions, and I really find myself falling for the Beatdoctor’s intoxicating sounds and moods, with this one being a particular highlight.

“Transitions” is a fleeting, moody listen. One which, for me, evokes a vivid image of a rainy late-afternoon train ride, probably in London or Paris. It’s a subtle and striking track, and the frequent appearances of the horns, and the xylophone-like melody looms. It’s all very precise, and Arts proves why he should be called the Beatdoctor. Guest rapper The Proov’s ruminations on life and women is not bad, and paired with the awesome tune, it comes across nicely. The only problem is that the track a bit too short, but the smooth and understated interlude towards the end is not bad either.


Michael Jackson in Amsterdam 1977 (by B?n)

Spring weather (by Angelo G. Noziglia)


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